Chocolate-avocado pudding

I’d seen and heard of people using avocado in ‘ice creams’. When I bought three very ripe ones for 50p from my greengrocers I knew I’d be giving a new recipe a go! So, this is my baby led weaning take on avocado chocolate pud.



  • Very ripe avocados  (I had two)
  • One heaped dessert spoon of cocoa powder for every avocado (if you are dairy-free you will need to check your cocoa power)
  • 1/3 cup of date syrup (I used a meridian foods one from my health food shop but it is also very easy to make – just message me should you need)

Annabel Karmel for Nuk ice lolly mould


  • Mash your avo or blend if you’d prefer. Add in your cocoa powder and date syrup and mix well.
  • That’s it. Freeze in ice pops, small weaning pots or keep in the fridge as a pudding.
  • My little one really enjoyed them and I felt 0 chocolate guilt.


Chocolate face.

I’ve served this both as a lolly and a pudding. Next time I’m going to try with mashed banana. Let me know if you try any of your own variations! If you are looking for dairy-free recipes why not try my puffed rice treats, or banana oat biscuits! Click on the pic.

pb-jelly-rice-krispie-treats   Puffed rice treats

Banana oat biscuits dairy free

Banana oat biscuits

Faye xxx