#fivedaysofsmoothies with NomNom kids

I had the pleasure of trying out an amazing product. It has really opened up snack options for us and I’m over the moon with them. If you haven’t heard of NomNom pouches yet; give Suzanne a follow.


These pouches are re-usable, dishwasher-safe and baby thinks they are amazing!! We have used them for yoghurt, soup, porridge; but mostly smoothies. I like to make one for us to share in the morning and freeze any leftovers for another day. They keep the contents of his lunchbox cool until he wants them. One of the really nifty things is the fact they open at the side, which means they are really quick to fill.

Honestly, whenever we are out and about, people ask me about them…Suzanne, you need to make an adult version of these!

Anyway, because I have been making so many smoothies of late, this post is some of my favourite combos.

DISCLAIMER: I’m a slapdash smoothie maker…I never measure. Use these as inspiration to create your own but not as an exact recipe! Also, I use frozen fruit to save the need for ice cubes. And, blueberries and mango, our favourites, are expensive!

Day one: Oaty Breakfast Smoothie.

Easy as pie. Oats, greek yoghurt, frozen berries, Meridian Foods peanut butter and a splash of milk. Also, I popped in a portion of frozen spinach – you know the supermarket pre-frozen ones. You’d never know it was in there (except it made it a bit of a dodgy colour haha!) This was really filling, great first thing in the morning!

Day two: Mango and Banana Lassi.

Okay, so more of a milkshake…but scrummy for little ones nonetheless. If your child is over one, pop a drizzle of honey in here too. Frozen mango, half a banana, yoghurt. Blitz. The end.

Day three: Blueberry pie.

One of my greatest achievements to date. Loads of blueberries, almond Alpro yoghurt, cinnamon and a bit of water. This was my dairy free offering. I loved this because, as winter approaches, you don’t always feel like something cold. Because of the cinnamon and almond flavours, this tasted really Autumnal and comforting. Mmmmmmm.

Day four: Suzanne’s favourite!

Since Suzanne is the smoothie guru, it seemed mad not to ask her what her kids love! Try apple, Strawberry and carrot blended with a bit of extra apple juice, or, like we did, a peachy number. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of a peach smoothie before! Baby had peach, apple and yoghurt as an alternative to milk on his cereal.

Day five: Avocado

You may have noticed we quite like mango in our house. I love the sweetness it gives. It matches incredibly well with avocado in a smoothie and it gives amazing creaminess. Avocado is full of fibre,vitamin k and healthy fats. Win. Avo, mango and a splash of milk makes a fab snack. I like coconut Alpro with mine.

So, there we have it. NomNom Kids rock. Smoothies rock. Tag me if you make anything yummy, I’m always looking for inspiration.

Faye xxx



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