Nuby UK Sure Grip review

So, as a Nuby Brand rep, I was sent a range of products, some requested by me, some that Nuby wanted me to use and review. I’m always happy to use and review different products. Anything designed to make my life easier is a win from my point of view.

So, the Sure Grip range arrived and I road tested it with my boy! The first thing that strikes you about these products are the bright colours and appealing shapes. These things are always important when giving food to toddlers, I think.


Nuby UK say these plates and bowls grip to surfaces making feeding times much easier. Also, the fact that the range is made of silicone means that it keeps food warm for longer and is easy to clean. They are dishwasher and microwave safe and they are BPA free.


I found that the best surfaces to use these on were tables as apposed to high chairs trays (which is kind of the point of the miracle mat really- easy to eat together at the table). The silicone mats stuck well to glass and wooden tables. Also, if the mat was wet, it stuck much better.



My son could get them off the table with a bit of pulling, but I found that because it was an effort, he didn’t really bother with it! He is less likely to tip his Sure Grip tableware over which is great for his food staying at the table and not ending up with the dog!

My favourite of the range is the miracle mat section plate. I like the two sections. It’s also good size for a hungry toddler. The bowl is also great for breakfasts!

The only problem I found was fitting the miracle mat in the microwave to reheat food. The bowls and plates fit in no problem but they are too big.

These products are really reasonably priced (between Β£5- Β£7 depending on what you buy) and good value. Mine still look good as new.


To sum up, the Sure Grip range are a good buy if you want to move your little away from the high chair tray. They are affordable and colourful and fit a good portion inside. Well done, Nuby.

(Just to add at the end here…these opinions are my own and although Nuby provided the products, this is not a paid post. I really do like them!).

Would love to know what your favourite kids tableware brand are?




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  1. We’re still feeding off the high chair tray, having experimented with plates and failed I’ll be sure to look up these sticky plates, might be just what we need! #truedtested


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