Easy Peasy Salmon pasta

This is a quick and easy lunch. So quick I made it with two toddlers running around. Both hungry and tired and wailing.

The sauce is mostly peas which gives this great veggie value. I love vegetable sauces for pasta as it is an easy way to add veggies into your sprog’s diet. However I do like to have the vegetables ‘visible’ too. Even if my son eats around them, they have been offered and he is still getting them through the sauce. Win win.

You could easily make this dairy free by subbing the pesto for fresh basil. This fed me and the previously mentioned whingey-ones with some left over.

You need:

  • Pasta of your choice (you know how much you eat I’m not giving you an exact number!)
  • Around 200g frozen peas
  • A handful of kale (optional but a great for vitamins and fibre)
  • A teaspoon of pesto (or a handful of basil if you are keeping it simple)
  • Approx 200g portion of salmon

So this is really a case of cooking and blending – I’d call this a no chop recipe – no onions or garlic to chop up. Everything get bunged in and voila!


Cook your peas and kale on the hob. Hold a few to the side and blitz the rest up with a couple of spoons of cooking water and the pesto.

Now put your pasta on to cook and poach your salmon. I did mine really simply with some water (the water I cooked the peas in because I’m lazy and didn’t want to get another pan) but you could poach in milk or stock if you like. The salmon should take around 5-8 minutes to poach, depending on the thickness.

Once cooked, flake and add the peas.

Your pasta should be ready now. So drain, add the sauce and then stir in the extra peas and salmon. My niece spat out the salmon so I flaked it even more so it was almost invisible (see below) and she ate it.

Protein 1 – fussy toddler 0…




This was SO easy and a big hit with the kids. I served theirs up with cheese on top, while I had a sprinkle of black pepper.

I’d love to know if you give this one a try! Don’t forget to tag me in your photos – I love seeing them.

Faye xx

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