A chocoholics dream… Amazing things to make with Supertreats!

The very lovely Virpi from Supertreats UK sent me some chocolate alternative carob bars. My challenge was, firstly, not to just eat them all, secondly to come up with some inventive ways of using them in my cooking.

Those of you who follow my Instagram know my policy on refined sugar. My personal feeling is now and again so I try and find lots of different ways of giving Dexter healthy treats that are lower in sugar. Supertreats are fabulous because they contain no caffeine or refined sugar.

On a taste note. Well. They are delish. Really creamy and sweet. You can totally just eat this stuff as a treat as it is!

And we did. Purely for research purposes you understand. The two flavours you can are Silky Milky and Merry Berry.

This stuff isn’t ‘cheap’ however the ingredients are high quality, organic and it is completely delicious. A bar of this would compare in price to a 100g bar of dairy milk. Find out where you can buy it here.

So, the three recipes I’m sharing are using Supertreats. If you can’t get hold of it, they work with chocolate however they obviously wouldn’t be refined sugar free.

My first recipe is for homemade bounty bars. Yum.

You need:

75g dessicated coconut

4-5 dessert spoons of coconut milk

1 bar of Supertreats

Method: mix the coconut with the coconut milk. Shape into a sausage and freeze. It’s much easier to handle frozen.

Next, once the coconut is frozen, slice it into discs with a sharp knife.


To melt your Supertreats, you need you be really gentle or it will go crumbly and dry. Warm water, a very low heat and a lot of stirring should do the trick.


Dip your coconut into the mix. Place on grease proof paper to set. Once set refrigerate. I find this the best way to set chocolate and it works for this too.


That’s it. Enjoy with a brew.


Next, I’d like to share a variation on the Insta-famous banana bread. I love this banana bread as it’s a fab way of using up brown bananas. The browner the better!


You will need:

140g sr flour

140g unsalted butter (melted)

2 eggs

2 mashed bananas

1tsp cinnamon

1tsp baking powder


Around 10 chopped dates, soaked in warm water to soften

1 bar of Supertreats

The method is basically chuck it all in a bowl, mix, then add your dates and chopped chunks of Supertreats.



Bake in a lined loaf tin for around 30 minutes at 170°c (fan).


My husband hails this as the best banana loaf I ever made. Nuff said.


Finally, this is a recipe adapted from my lovely friend Libby. She makes “not naughty Nutella” for her girls and this is a slightly altered version of her recipe.
You will need:

1 bar of Supertreats

140g hazelnuts

1 tbspn coconut oil  (melted)

Roast your nuts in the oven at 150° for about 5 minutes. Use a tea towel to rub off the skins.

Next, put these in a food processor and blitz alone for about 20 seconds.

Now, put it your coconut oil and super treats. The little bit of warmth from the melted oil and the roasted nuts is enough to melt the carob bar. Continue to blitz until a smooth paste forms. You may have to pahse to use a spatula to clear down the edges of the processor as it breaks down to nut butter.

Put into ramekins or a Mason jar. This keeps in the fridge for a good couple of weeks!


So, there you have it. Three amazing things to make with Supertreats. Four if you include scoffing some with a glass of wine on a Friday.

Go and find Supertreats on Instagram and Twitter!




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  1. ‘just for research purposes you understand’ had me giggling! These look great, always looking for something that has organic ingredients for a treat, your kid looks adorable by the way 🙂 #fortheloveofBLOG

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  2. I am with you on refined sugar and it’s everywhere, even in food products supposed to be healthy… Lovely recipes, bookmarked your post so that I can try it sometimes when I am in need of a treat 😄

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  3. These all sound delicious, and you make it sound so simple! …I’m just wondering what the super treat non naughty nutella would spread on the banana bread….. Hmmmmm food coma!!

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  4. Oh I have never heard of this chocolate, I will need to check it out. My little ones love chocolate! Lovely recipes here as well thanks xx #marvmondays


  5. Oh my goodness, all of these recipes sound amazing. They are on my to do list to try. #MarvMondays


  6. Ooh these look LOVELY and love the sound of these bars. I need them for my eldest who turns into a, well I can’t think of a PC word for what he’s like when he has chocolate!


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