Bobux Xplorer City – Review for KIDLY

I’m a parent tester for KIDLY. This means I’m lucky enough to try out different products before they hit the store.

KIDLY are a great website with parents in mind. They do really cool stuff like road testing all of their items before they are sold and giving a percentage of their profit to charity.

To be asked to review products is a privilege; but for shops such as KIDLY, it is also pleasure. If you want to check their site out you can find it here. Take a look at the photos section there are some lovely pics!

Although we mainly focus on food blogging over here, if you follow my Instagram you will know I love a bit of toddler fashion. I’m not someone who puts fashion over function, especially where Dex is concerned but I do like him to look like a dude!

From the pictures Becca (from KIDLY) sent me, I could see that these were a lightweight shoe and I was right; these shoes were light as a feather. I loved the way they looked.

We have been really lucky with shoes – we have been given lots of lovely Clarks hand-me-downs from friends and some branded trainers that have worn fairly well. I’ve tried buying trainers from Supermarkets for him and I’ve not been happy with the speed at which they wear out.

It is hard getting the balance between affordable footwear and footwear that is durable and supports your child as they learn to walk. Or run…in our case. If I bought these shoes for Dexter I would save them for best but I thought, in the interests of product testing, it was important to try them doing ‘every day’ things. He played in the garden in these shoes, in the stones and on the grass.

 I’ve put Dexter in new shoes previously and he usually takes a while to get used to them, walking like he is wearing flippers! Not these. He flew around the garden in his Bobux Xplorers as if he had no shoes on at all. They are easy to get on (after the first time when I neglected to undo the velcro. Ha.)

One thing I really like about these shoes is the ‘micro-armour’ toe cap. The grey bit on the front! So many of his leather shoes get scuffed on the toes as he wears them. This helps prevent that from happening. I also liked the slim velcro fastening (once I found it) which helped the elastic stay snug to Dexter’s feet.


Also, I have to mention how cool these sneakers are. They would finish off any outfit perfectly and I just love the plus pattern on the leather. Like I said, just good looking isn’t enough for me, they have to be supportive too. These have a podiatrist seal of approval.

All in all, a really great shoe that I would recommend. They are on the more expensive side for a growing tot which is something to bare in mind if you are on a budget. However, I do honestly think buying cheaper shoes is false economy as they need replacing more often.

Thanks to KIDLY for sending these awesome shoes to Dex. Just what we needed to brighten up a week of chicken pox!



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15 thoughts on “Bobux Xplorer City – Review for KIDLY

  1. I love the look of these. I bought Lucas a pair of Bobux a few weeks ago and they are fab quality, I particularly like the bobbly fronts the do to prevent scuffing x #funkykidfriday #weekendtotstyle


  2. How cute are these little shoes! Love the little crosses in the print. We love Bobux and have also reviewed a pair for KIDLY – they have great taste in their product options for their site. Lovely review! Thanks for linking up and hope you have had a great weekend 🙂 #weekendtotstyle


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