3 Sprouts Lunch Bag – review for KIDLY

So, until this week, I didn’t think it was possible to form an attachment to a lunchbox. Like in a ‘I love my handbag’ kind of way. But LOOK at it!! This is so cool.


But! Style over substance doesn’t work in my house. So I was desperate for this to live up to my expectations. We’ve been trying to get out of a lunch rut (link to that post just here) so this was the perfect way to change the venue and try out somewhere new!

We tried a couple of lunchy-combos in here and I was really pleased with how much you can fit in.

I like the fact it is versatile and fits all of our existing snack pots and boxes in.


I’ve taken this to work myself (and got TONS of compliments). It is definitely big enough to fit an adult size lunch in…if you wanted to steal it from your toddler, for instance.


So far, the bag has been easy to clean. I’m usually put off by fabric lunch bags because they can end up smelling a bit ‘off’. However, this one is well lined and it is easy to get into the corners.

Dex is excited by the appearance and digs right in to see what is inside.He has pottered around the house with his 3 Sprouts looking ever so pleased with himself. I have, at no point done this at work. Honest…


So, as you can tell, I’m recommending this lunch bag to anyone who likes cool, practical stuff. I think this would make an awesome gift. To yourself…or, you know. A child too…

Go check out KIDLY for more 3 Sprouts loveliness.

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Faye xxx

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