Feeding bibs 101 – Munchkin To-Go 

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The Munchkin To-Go is the second bib I’ve reviewed for bibs 1o1. I’ve found the best and the rest of feeding bibs for every stage.

I’d not tried Munchkin bibs until this one; but I have used their 360 cup and bath toys so I knew to expect decent quality.


This bib is summery and colourful with designs on the main body and the pocket. I really like the way it looks. The piping is white which does show up you food stains. However this could also be a good thing; at least you know when it needs a clean! This does come in a green/blue pattern too (you will all know I have no problem with Dex having this colour and design – I think it is suitable for a little boy or girl).

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I’m pleased to say that this is under a fiver! £4.50 to be exact. This offers good value for money.

Major plus points?

  • This bib folds into itself and Velcros up. When you are out and don’t have anywhere to clean up, it holds the mess in! (winner)
  • You can also keep things like cutlery in the Velcro pouch (genius)
  • The back fastening is secure – so even when Dex tried to pull it off, he couldn’t (yay)
  • The crumb catcher is MASSIVE (perfect)
  • It has a clever loop which you can fasten to your pushchair or bag (or anywhere)
  • It is BPA/PVC free (whoop)

Anything else?

The only drawback I can see about this clever little bib is the potential staining of the white piping. If the colour was darker then perhaps it wouldn’t show up the raspberry stains? This is, however, a tiny cosmetic thing. I’m being finicky really.


On the go…like it says. I loved how you could empty out the crumb catcher and then tuck all the gross baby mess away and deal with it at home. The amount of times I have come home to a change bag that has a miscellaneous slimy mess from a bib is too many to count.

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If you fancy a Munchkin To-Go travel bib, you can find them here. I’d honestly recommend it if you feed out and about a lot.

Up next! On a teeny-tiny budget? I tested a super thrifty buy from Sainsburys.

Diary of an imperfect mum

DISCLAIMER: I was sent this lovely bib by Munchkin UK for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and I was not paid to write this post.

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