Feeding bibs 101…Nuby Roly-Poly bib

bibs 101 series

The first bib to be reviewed in my 101 series is the Roly-Poly bib by Nuby. We have been using Nuby bibs right from the off and I really rate them. Until recently we had used the Catch All Bib, however the little guy can now rip this off so I was looking for something different. Let’s get cracking!!


Well, it is cute and colourful. I love the animal designs on Nuby products and I like that many of them are gender neutral. After all not EVERYTHING my child wears has to be ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ does it? It is soft and bendy and has rather cute little ears poking out the sides.



At £4.49, this is great value for money. You could buy a couple and rotate them without breaking the bank.

Major plus points?

My favourite things about this bib are:

  • It can go through the dishwasher (hurrah)
  • It has a clever neck fastening that Dexter hasn’t yet worked out (yipee!)
  • It is gender neutral (yesss)
  • It folds up into the front pocket for storage (great)
  • It is made of flexible material so it is non-imposing like some rigid plastic bibs
  • It catches crumbs in the front pocket (which Dex then fishes in for seconds)

Anything else?

  • The only thing I would say about this bib is that it wouldn’t pass the spag-bol test. It is not meant for those early BLW days where your baby is head-to-toe covered in yoghurt. Not a negative as such, just something to keep in mind


Toddlers. They can’t whip it off in temper or silliness and it isn’t massive and imposing.

20160711_121211.jpg     20160709_145528.jpg  wp-image-1100928537jpg.jpg

If you want to get your hands on one of these, or any other Nuby products click here . Alternatively, Nuby is stocked in many UK supermarkets.

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DISCLAIMER: I was sent this bib as part of my Nuby Brand Rep ‘package’. All opinions are my own and I was not paid to write this post.

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