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bibs 101 series

Bibs 101 – review three is the TU pop-over bib. I decided it was important to see what you could get at every end of the pay-scale, so these were the cheapest bibs I could find at £4.00 for three (they were actually on sale when I got them so were actually £3.00!!)


These bibs are very cute. They have an attractive sailor print and are made from soft toweling material. I know lots of people favor this kind of bib as they are washable and last a really long time.



As mentioned…these were a bargain at £4.00. Great if you are on a budget or if you are away and have forgotten to pack bibs!!

Major plus points

  • Washable (whoop)
  • Small (I actually keep one in my car just in case)
  • Come in a three pack so you can wear one, wash one (hurrah)

Anything else?

The only issue I have with these types of bib is this…


Once they know how to get it off…you are a bit stuffed!

Best for?

New babies and those on a budget!

Next up…something very exciting. My favourite of the lot AND a giveaway

Big love.






2 thoughts on “Bibs 101 – Sainsbury’s TU

  1. I got the same ones as my husband prefers a pull over bib to a popper one. They are not bad for the price, but my son is only 6 months so hasn’t worked out how to pull them off yet! We also have some close popin ones which are about £7 each but I love them, such cool patterns and easy to use and clean.


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