Kids food Q and A – weaning words of wisdom

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I’m getting lots of interesting questions about weaning, toddler tantrums, food and fussy eating; I thought I’d put them all in one place. I always say if someone asks a question, someone else wants to know the answer!

So, let’s get started with the first three…we vlogged the answer to these. It is my first You Tube video so I’d love for you guys to watch it (any feedback gratefully recieved!)

It is a bit scary putting yourself on video but I’ve been encouraged to try it out. I love seeing the face behind the blog so hopefully you guys will enjoy!

Helpful links from the vlog:



The other two questions I want to feature are here:

What do you think are the benefits of BLW?

Well, for us, it was that Dexter wouldn’t really take a spoon. He hit five months and was taking food from our plates to eat. For a while, we tried a combo of both but I was feeling really stressed trying to make him finger food, purees and cooking food for myself and my husband. I think Dexter chose the baby led weaning route. He eats pretty well and is quite and independent feeder.

I can’t speak from a ‘professional’ point of view, but from a Mum point of view I liked BLW because:

  • You can offer family food without having to prepare anything different (unless you want to)
  • Children are able to explore many different tastes and textures early on
  • It takes longer! You can usually have a cup of tea in the time baby eats a meal whereas with spoony stuff it is all over quite quickly!
  • There is no panic if you are out and about with no food. You can pick something up – this also goes for things like holidays!

I could go on for ages about BLW – I know there has been research to suggest that BLW children are less likely to be fussy eaters. I’m not sure if this applies to us yet, but I’m hopeful!

Does he eat everything you put in front of him?

Crikey! Nope. He is a veg dodger and can be funny at evening meals. Having said this I have been very fortunate so far. Dex loves fruit and will usually try things before refusing them. There was a phase when he was turning 1 where he would only really eat crackers and yoghurt. I found it really hard on Christmas day but that’s life! I turned a negative into a positive and wrote my own cracker recipe.

There we have it then guys. I’ll make a note of your questions and comments for next time and I might try and vlog them all!!!



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4 thoughts on “Kids food Q and A – weaning words of wisdom

  1. Ah those trays look great! I love Munchkin stuff : ). Also your little one is adorable, are you teaching him sign language? I want to do this but don’t know how to start, I sort of just do the milk sign with my hand when he wants milk so far but not sure if that’s the right way of doing it! Thanks for the tips and sharing with #StayClassyMama!


    1. We do a bit if signing – we tried the tiny talk groups for a bit but I mostly just use what I’ve picked up over time! It is really helpful for when he can’t quite get a word out yet. He was quite late with his words. I start3d with milk and signed every time he had it. Then eventually start3d asking if he wanted milk, signing ‘milk’, he soon started doing it too so it sounds like you are doing the right thing. Thanks for stopping by xx

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  2. aww super cute 🙂 I tried a bit of blw but preferred mushy purees! I was super anxious that the little guy would choke and drop down dead :/ #ablogginggoodtime


  3. We have worked out our own non verbal signals for when she wants something including a fake cough for juice which is quite hilarious. we did a combination of blw and spoon and it worked quite well for my colicky baby. Great post
    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime


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