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The Milk Lounge is a family friendly cafe in Arnold, Nottingham. Although not super close to me, I knew I’d be making a trip over there to meet Charlotte, director, and see what it was all about. I’ve heard loads about The Milk Lounge through friends, bloggers and social media so I needed to see whether the hype was true – is there a family friendly place you can have a cuppa and not worry about your toddler being unruly or even worse…bored?!

Eating out is really important to our family. Even as a teeny sprog we always took Dexter to restaurants and cafes. I love being out in the hustle and bustle and I like the little guy to have a chance to do this too. As soon as arrived at The Milk Lounge, I knew this would be a fun and relaxed place to spend some time. Inside, the cafe is clean, bright and comfortable with plenty of space for buggies. There is a huge picture of a bear up on the wall – named Bobby Bear after Charlotte’s son. Dex was a bit obsessed with Bobby Bear so we chose a seat right by him.

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Now, the thing with the Milk Lounge is that it is breastfeeding friendly (actually, one better – they have their own rather lovely BF support worker who also makes a yummy smoothie) BUT it would be doing this place a disservice to say it is just for breastfeeding mothers. It is SO much more. They are a family venue, making yummy smoothies and milkshakes, they have a fab selection of cakes and snacks (including dairy free options) and there is an option to make your own purees! Genius!

The menu also has a BLW section – which was such a clever idea. The Milk Lounge cook small batches of veg fresh sticks for BLW-ers, finger sandwiches and other yummy finger-foods. I can’t believe nobody has thought of it before now. Fresh, simple food you are happy to give your kid.

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Dex and I chose a strawberry and mango smoothie and shared a teacake. Although he was so busy playing with the toys in the play area he was unwilling to come and sit down. The play corner has a camera and a big screen so you can comfortably see where the kids are playing. I really liked this because it meant I didn’t feel I had to be following him around and he could play independently.

The Milk Lounge fills a real gap in the market – a place that serves yummy, fresh, healthy food but still has the facilities for children to play and, well, be children. Charlotte listens to the needs of her customers and is always improving and changing things. It is really clear she loves the place:

“The Milk Lounge is much more than a cafe. It is a community. We see babies from as young as two days old and watch them grow; going from a diet of only milk right through to the weaning stage, which is really exciting! Friends are made, memories are relived and groups allow mums and dads to make friends – and their babies too! It is a really great atmosphere here, our customers are great and the staff are equally.”

I can’t praise this place enough. To add to the mix, Charlotte is a major babe and really passionate about the needs of parents. She wasn’t even slightly put off by my toddler yelling for attention or trying to run out of the door while we chatted. In fact, by the end of our talk we had plans to take over the world.

I’m adding a link to a recipe I’ve dedicated to Bobby, Charlotte’s little lad, who eats dairy free. We eat them lots in our house and they are really simple to make. I think we will call them Bobby Bear’s Banana Biscuits. Thanks for all you do Charlotte – proving every single day that Mama’s really can do it all.


DISCLOSURE: This post isn’t sponsored and I paid for my teacake!

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic place to go for any mum and a place they will be welcome no matter their choices with their baby! Absolutely amazing 🙂


  2. This sounds fantastic. What a great idea. Its funny how many places call themselves family friendly which seems only to mean kids are allowed. It sounds Charlotte actually knows what family friendly means. I love the idea of having baby led weaning appropriate food on the menu
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂


  3. What an amazing idea, I so wish we had something like this! There should definitely be more Milk Lounges around the country. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo


  4. I’ve heardone about this place, it sounds fab and a great place to cater for mum, toddler and baby. Breastfeeding places are always great and reassuring especially if you’re a new mum. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x


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