A little bit of Heaven – Heavenly Tasty!



I’m thrilled to share that I am a Brand Ambassador for Heavenly Tasty Organics. I am genuinely a fan of these products – I found them a while ago in Tesco. When I posted a picture on IG I had loads of comments and questions about them and that is where it all began!

One of the perks of this little role is being send lots of yummy snacks to try.

hevenly 20160807_112816 20160807_112824

We really made the most of that bit. Dex loved the Crispy Veggie Waffles. If you have been following for a while, you will know he has quite a sweet tooth (dunno where he gets it from…) so it is always fantastic to find a savory snack he likes. He is a big fan of crackers so these little waffles dipped in some cream cheese or a yoghurt dip was a huge hit.

We’ve made lots of cool stuff with them too! Mama got a bit Olympic crazy and made some tasty snacks…I may add here he didn’t manage the whole cucumber!

What's your sport-

We made a yummy breakfast sundae whilst holidaying in Sunny Dorset. We used freshly stewed apples, blueberries and yoghurt with our Happy Halo Bites.

I made some yummy dips to go with the Italian and Rosemary breadsticks – they went down a storm. No recipe as such, just a spoon of bio yoghurt mixed with different veggies and herbs:


Have you guys ever tried heavenly? They are widely stocked in supermarkets in the UK.


This is a collaborative post with Heavenly Tasty Organics. All opinions are my own!