Yumbox! loads of awesome lunches

You know it is going to be a good day when a package arrives from Eat Well UK. We had a Yumbox and the vehicle Lunch Punch delivered ready to start making some fun and tasty lunches for the little guy.

But it didn’t stop there! I’ve become a little bit of a cute food addict…after seeing all the lovely little lunches other families were creating I’ve gone a bit mad…


The Yumbox is a perfectly sized bento-style box that comes in loads of different colours and designs. Eatwell UK stock these boxes. I really like that the different sections are labelled; it makes you think about serving a balanced meal! (I also like being a lunchbox rebel and giving him extra cheese instead of a vegetable some days). I’m not going to beat around the bush, they aren’t cheap BUT they will last forever and we have used ours almost daily over the Summer. One thing I’m learning as I make my way through the jungle of parenting is that,  often, you get what you pay for. I think these are worth the money (on this note…a Yumbox would make a AWESOME first birthday gift).


The Lunch Punch has started me off on a tidal wave of cutter purchasing that is driving Mr FMM up the wall (sorrynotsorry). It actually got a bit sweary the other day when yet ANOTHER package of cutters arrived. But using cutters is an AMAZING way of making food really cool, really quickly. You guys know I like to play with food…but you also know I’m no artist and my style is very naive. The food I make is the food I give my son created in real time, at a meal time. The Lunch Punch is a fast, accessible and easy way for ANYONE (even kids themselves) to make lunches fun.

Just a few of the lunches we created here!

Lunchtime fun.png

The plane box might be my favourite. We have a little plane sarnie, cheese, melon and turkey (I cut the raw meat out last to make sure there was no contamination and washed well after). The treat well has an apricot bliss ball and there is a special yogurt treat too.

The Elmo box was made in two minutes flat and eaten by a very tired boy. I love the idea of making a lunchbox all one colour so there was lots of red fruit in that one; watermelon, tomato (yes I’m still trying with the tomato), strawberries and a plum.

The ‘dippy’ box was a big hit – the two dips were yogurt based, one flavoured with pesto and the other beetroot. I offered a selection of finger shaped dippers and some seeds. The little man loved it!

Finally…the ‘I haven’t got time to make anything themed we have to leave the house in five minutes’ Yumbox. Perfectly respectable combo of cheese flapjack from my freezer, carrot and cucumber sticks, Heavenly  carrot and cumin waffles, fruit, and yogurt. The treat well has Little Dish, Go-Go biscuits in there which fit in perfectly.

If you are like me you won’t be able to stop there…I’ve found some more really cool (and inexpensive) things like rice molds, stampers and silicone cases to add to our lunchbox fun plus these amazing lunchbox love notes. How cute are they? I can imagine the kids at school LOVING these when they tuck in at lunchtime! When my little guy gets a bit bigger I’ll be using these.

very cool lunchboxes.png

If you haven’t seen enough…why not check out these amazing Yumbox creations?

                             Eats Amazing                  Kidgredients           My Kids Lick the Bowl

We have used our Lunch Punch to make car pancakes! I just made a lovely big pancake one morning and cut it to size. It took about a minute longer to serve up than usual. Now this wouldn’t fly every morning (some days pouring milk on to Weetabix takes too long) but when it is the weekend – why not?

On a slightly serious note: I love products like these. No, they are not essentials. But they do inspire regular, common-or-garden Mums like me and make us feel like we are creating a little bit of food magic. They also encourage little people to try new things. We have had loads of fun with food this summer…and there is so much more to come!

Faye xxx

EATWELL UK kindly sent me the Yumbox, Lunch Punch and Lunchbox Love for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


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  1. So jealous! I have wanted a YumBox for ages but haven’t been able to justify the expense. Maybe I’ll treat myself… You’ve made some lovely lunches here, the Elmo one is my favourite X


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