Ready to wean?

If you are ready to start weaning, no doubt you are scouring the internet, Pinterest and IG just like I did, searching for exciting weaning-things to try. I’ve written this as a guide from my own experiences and with the benefit of hindsight to help you guys. Do I have all the answers? Nope. But, because I blog about this stuff, I have tried LOTS of different feeding products and I have found out lots of things along the way. Here is Babyled’s ready to wean lowdown.

If you little is AROUND six months, can sit pretty much unaided and can bring their hand to their mouth then they are showing signs they are ready for the good stuff. Here is little Mila looking cute to give you an idea:


Watch the VLOG:


I’m stuck for finger food ideas

So most people go from sticks of fruit and veg, to things like toast (on this note – I think toast is easier BLW fayre than bread…bread always got really stuck in my son’s mouth in the early days…). But what about when you move on from that? I’ve made a little chart of food ideas, mostly the foods I gave to my little guy. I’ve tried to leave the obvious stuff like veg sticks, toast and sandwiches off there and add some ideas you might not have tried yet!First f.png

What do I need?

Honestly…nothing. Apart from food and probably a high chair. But there are loads of things that can make your life loads easier.

Some awesome products you might want to know about…


An easy peasy way to gently re-heat your little frozen meals. I used to microwave all our frozen food but the heat isn’t always distributed evenly. This solves that problem. If you are going down the puree route then this would be a great purchase.


Suction plates

There are quite a few on the market. We had the Nuby UK ones but they didn’t work well on a high chair so I’d say that these work better for the later stages when you are ditching the tray. Vital Baby do a good one – Dex had one at his Nana’s and it did stick to the high chair like glue.


Dipper Cutlery

I LOVE these. As mentioned in the VLOG these are amazing. You can see how well Mila can handle them and they are relatively inexpensive for the impact they had on our feeding times. It also reminds you that you can give both a fork and a spoon! I got mine from Amazon.


Nom Nom pouches

I know, I know. I rave about these A LOT. But Nom Nom pouches are fab. Do I need to say much more?

super useful

What should I remember?

Don't sweat it

Don’t sweat it if it goes wrong. If they don’t like what you make. If you have to buy something ready-made. We ALL have those days. I blog about homemade food and we don’t always eat homemade. Seriously, real talk. You need to know that sometimes it won’t go to plan. I’m always here to answer any questions or listen to you moan about their child only eating yoghurt (you’d be amazed how many people do get in touch for this reason!)

Have fun. Get some cutters, put things in nice neat lines, choose a meal that is all red. Make it fun for both of you. For us, it was all about exploring and building a positive relationship with food (in the hopes he doesn’t sit by his computer eating jelly beans instead of lunch…oops).

Embrace the mess. The chaos. Eat outside when it is warm! Get a dog. Think if it as a daily messy play session. Just ‘let it go’…and on the days you can’t, don’t offer cous-cous. Or chia pudding.


I hope this video and article help you guys who are at the first stages of weaning. I also hope you enjoy it as much as I did. This post was so much fun to put together. I must thank Mila’s Mummy and the brands who helped with this post – either with products, photographs or info.

Faye xx

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24 thoughts on “Ready to wean?

  1. I am so glad I persevered with BLW. It was hard to begin with as Squeak seemed to choke on nearly everything so I had to rethink and ended up presenting him with the tiniest sticks of food for a while until he got the hang of chewing. He’s a brilliant eater now and so good with his vegetables – all entirely due, I’m sure, to letting him have full control over what he eats. I wish I’d read your blog earlier as it would have helped me be a bit more creative in the early days! #familyfun


  2. Great advice and loads of advice! You are correct it is a minefield of information out there. I went baby led all the way, skipped the purees and just let him do what ever he wanted. I definately benefited from this way as he is really good now at 14 months and is a very independant soul. Thanks for linking up to #FamilyFun. Hope you can come back next week!


  3. I have one of these suction plates and they are great, especially when you have a messy baby like me who just wants to put his hands in it! And then decides to scratch his ears! LOL Happy weaning! I am there too! #StayClassyMama


  4. I have to say I’m a little scared of baby led weaning. We started on veg purees. Now at 7 months old I’m more confident in giving her finger foods. We just took the process slow. xx



  5. Wow you have put so much effort into this post and t is a great read for ape one embarking on the weaning journey. I was useless at weaning. I was too scared to BLW fearing they would choke and die (I know!) and they purée food went everywhere. I have orange stained baby clothes for good. I did try and make a lot of my own especially first foods but sometimes you just got to reach for tribe pouch. I have not heard of nom nom pouches though so I’ll certainly look into those. Thank you so much for linking at #familyfun. Really hope you can come back next week xx


  6. We’re just starting weaning as Poppy is 6 months now and there’s some great ideas here. I’ve always been a bit wary of baby led weaning for choking but I probably just haven’t researched it enough! #marvmondays

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    1. It can be a bit scary -I know lots of mama’s who stuck to very soft foods for this reason. I guess a lot of the food you offer has to be dependent on your kids ability to chew! Thanks for commenting xx

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    1. I guess they all do these things at their own pace! Keep giving it a go – he is still getting most of his calories from milk so it doesn’t matter how much actually goes in! Thanks for reading xx


  7. We’re on the cusp of this next adventure so your post is great timing with tips that I can get organising now! Lilypots look great and those pouches!! So much! Brilliant thanks! #stayclassymama


  8. This is a great post – we started BLW at 6 months on the dot and I can honestly say it’s the best thing we’ve ever done! It meant Alfie could join in with mealtimes, explore his food at his own pace and I could actually eat a meal while it was still hot and at the same time as everyone else! It’s taken a while to embrace the mess, but a good investment of bibs and baby wipes has helped!! #marvmondays


  9. We did BLW with both of ours. It’s definitely messy, but I think within about 3 or 4 weeks, the mess was controllable (ish!). It was so much easier than having to make purees (we initially started doing homemade purees with the eldest). Your list of possible foods is great. I was looking to see if there’s anything else I could add to it, but I don’t think there is! I’m sure this post will be a great help to lots of worried parents out there (I know I was terrified of the weaning stage!) #MarvMondays


  10. Thank you so much for the finger foods chart. We’ve ben BLW for around 1.5 months now and were definitely getting into a bit of a rut with finger foods, generally opting for the usual cut up veg or toast. Love your tip for embracing the mess! I never knew a baby could get both himself and our dog so messy! #MarvMondays


  11. What a fab, informative post. You’ve literally managed to cover everything I’d forgotten about with the first. We did a bit of both but BLW was great (just so messy)! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. xo


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