Organic September – making family life a little bit greener…

Organic? Eco-friendly? But why?

I thought to talk about Organic food, clothes and lifestyle I should probably look and sound a bit more like an Earth Mother and be campaigning to save the world in some way…and I should probably know a lot more than I do. I am a very normal human, living on a very normal budget. But, like lots of other normal people, I have a little bit of a nagging feeling that I’d like to do a bit more for the environment. Just a bit. So I feel like I can confidently say that I am paving the way for my child to do more and know more than I have. So, here it is. My blog about how a very average family is doing stuff that helps the environment. Even if it is, just a little bit.Food

We don’t buy all organic food. Truth. But, I read something on the soil association website that made me think. Is said ‘when you choose Organic, you choose products that promote a better world’.

So, if I could swap just a few of our every day products for organic ones – surely I’m doing a little bit to help.

So, on my last shop I looked for a few Organic products to stick in our trolley that wouldn’t break the bank. Here are a few things I found for Dex. They were all very reasonably priced – the little spelt biscuits were actually cheaper than the ones we usually buy – 99p from Lidl!

We have used free-range eggs for a long time and I’m happy with the quality we have there. Most of our poultry comes from the butcher and our fruit and veg is a mix of supermarket and the local greengrocer (I have to be realistic here about how much time I have to go out and buy vs online shopping…so a happy medium of about 50/50 here). We are lucky to get things like cucumbers and beans from Grandad’s garden too!

Nude food

One switch we have made in the past year, which, I think is a big environmental help AND really easy to do… is have a bit of a ‘nude food’ policy. I use silicone cupcake molds and trays when baking, we use lunchboxes and reusable pouches. We always buy recycled products where we can too. I rarely use foil or cling film anymore. Hurrah.

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wp-image-273847827jpg.jpg     20160826_104736


I recently found JJ Rabbit. They actually make their tableware out of plants! PLANTS! They are beautifully designed (Dexter is OBSESSED with the Cuppies cup because it has a little penguin inside). Their whole philosophy is centered around eco-friendly, sustainable but ultimately FUN feeding products for kids. The dipper plate is gorgeous and the cutlery is cleverly and ergonomically (and yes, I did have to spell check that word..) designed.



I suppose the inspiration for this post came from a couple of shops I’ve been working with recently who provide awesome organic children’s clothes. This is a little easy way of injecting a little Organic goodness into your kid’s life!

14285164_10155237426148626_596961314_o             piccalilly_logo

Now, I love toddler fashion, but only if it is practical and comfy. Clothes from Ted Wears Organic definitely fit the bill! This outfit was made, by hand, from Organic cotton.

20160913_132454 20160913_133103 20160913_132622

It is comfy, arrives washed in Ecover washing powder and is generally rather lovely. The prints are just gorgeous and the clothes look like kids clothes. Fun, interesting, busy, colourful. Fab.

If these weren’t enough, I’ve just discovered Piccalilly clothing. We had a lovely muslin cloth when Dex was young, but I had no idea how big their range of clothes was.


Just look at it all!

It is brightly printed, bold, exciting and just a bit ‘different’ from lots of other clothes I’ve seen. Think Loch Ness monsters, foxes with monacles, rainbows and unicorns and you are on the right track! Piccalilly have added awesomeness because they support worthwhile projects. They even sent a bundle of organic, cotton hats over to Malawi!


British, quirky, functional. I can’t praise Piccalilly enough! I’ve got my eye on their number sweaters and the girly dino prints for Xmas pressies!


Fancy more baby treats? How about Kokoso baby oil? This stuff is pure, Organic, Ethical gorgeous amazing loveliness made from raw pressed, virgin Thai coconut oil. What a lovely way to celebrate Organic September (plus you get to feel like a famous as it was featured on Dragon’s Den not long ago!) If you are into baby massage, or just have a little with dry skin, this would be a lovely treat. Also…baby shower…amazing gift…

kokoso Baby

What can we learn?

With my teacher hat on here, I think it is so important to show our children the importance of taking care of our environment. We run Eco-schools at my school and one of the things that totally baffles our children is waste and what happens to it. A couple of years ago I showed our older pupils a picture of landfill and they were all horrified. We have a school garden (where the kids grew and sold produce last year!) and all our kids learn about wildlife and how we can do more to protect it. Even in inner city areas like the school I (very proudly) work at, we can inspire our kids to do more and think more.To be able to show the next generation how making small changes to our lives can make a big difference to the environment is an amazing thing. The fact our children (well, my toddler) won’t remember a time when we didn’t charge for shopping bags, when everything was ‘paper’, is something that makes me happy. I want to, where I can, know and understand how the products we use, the things we buy and the waste we create affects the environment. So I can teach my boy to be better than me.

Dex already knows about the recycling bin (mostly because he ferrets around in there like an urchin looking for cool stuff to play with), we encourage him to spend time outside and I really want him to grow up understanding how food is made and where it comes from. I’m not perfect – I know I could do more – but I’m thinking and I’m trying. That’s a pretty good place to start!

As always thanks so much to the brands that supplied the images, products or info to create this blog post. You’ve helped me spread a little green love!

Faye xx

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  1. I love this post! I never knew there were so many organic products out there like tableware. I think that penguin cup has to be on my shopping list as my little boy would be fascinated with that cup too!! 🙂


  2. These are fantastic ideas – I have to say I could definitely do more in this department. Love the look of the eco-friendly cutlery- I use glass tupperwares at the moment as I don’t like the thought of reheating plastic for my little one’s food. I also love Ted Wears Organic clothes and we have a few bits, they are super comfy too 🙂 Thank you for linking up to #dreamteam


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