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It isn’t very often that I’m asked to review a product for me. In fact, this might be a first. Holly from For Mama and Baba sent me a rather gorgeous teething necklace for me to try out with my little chap.


Now, these are billed as teething necklaces…and, if you have been following me for while you will know that Dexter did in fact have ALL his teeth by 15 months. But, there is a reason this type of jewellery are still very relevant to many Mama’s of toddlers (like me). It’s the…the dreaded dummy!

My friend Rachel from This Hackney Mum and I were discussing the dummy the other day and she hit the nail on the head. Golum. GOLUM. My kid is like Golum with his dummy. I know it’s a phase. But it is a pain and #realtalk I hate him having one in public. I don’t know why…it might be because he still isn’t talking much and I have the Mum guilt…I don’t know. But there it is.

This necklace has kind of filled the dummy gap for us. You know, when they are a bit narky but you aren’t giving in to the precious just yet. The beads and bangles are made from a high-quality food grade silicone which is tasteless and odourless and does not support the growth of bacteria or mould. It is non-toxic, free from bpa, pvc, phthalates, lead, latex, cadmium and heavy metals. Which is a vast improvement on…’oh here just chew my keys’.


It looks cool, isn’t too heavy and it really does work. He chews it all the time. So much so that my husband took it off me the other day and put it around his own neck (pretty gutted I didn’t take a photo of that…) As you can see in this photo, it has a clasp at the back which means it isn’t dangerous if it is pulled by a wiley toddler.

Shop owner Holly, who previously worked as a buyer for children’s clothing and footwear, started this business after her maternity leave in order to have flexible working around her children. I’m so glad she did! Her stuff is lovely and the colour and shape choices are always spot on. I know the way a product is packaged and presented makes a huge difference to me and this came in a gorgeous little box and has a little pouch to keep it in. The one I have in the photos is the Abacus – love the monochrome! Visit Holly’s Etsy shop just here.


Her Instagram account always catches my eye too – just so many lovely combinations and always interesting to see what awesome Mama run shops are upto!

I really wish I’d had one of these when the little chap was younger. I’ve worn it loads. I’ll 100% be keeping this jewellery in mind for baby shower gifts. It is something fun and different.


Exciting news! In collaboration with Holly from For Mama and Baba, I have a discount code for babyled readers!! Enter code: babyled20 at the till for an amazing 20% off your bill. Hoping I’m allowed to use it myself, Holly?!


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12 thoughts on “For Mama and Baba – teething necklace review and discount code!

  1. I love it,
    When J was a Bubs he wore an amber bracelet that helped with teething.
    The dummy is a bitch and I was evil and took it from him at 7mnths. I hope new mummies support this and help out a business mummy. #fortheloveofblog


  2. I’m a sucker (haha) for teething jewellery. I won a teething necklace in a giveaway and I love it. My baby isn’t teething yet, but I’m looking into finding other jewellery suitable for when she is. These by Mama and Baba are lovely! #fortheloveofBLOG


  3. It looks so lovely and for change, my baby would not try to eat my hair! I have seen them online, they are very stylish too. #fortheloveofBLOG


  4. These look fab! I’ve been considering something like this for a while to keep little man happy while in the carrier, he has developed a bad habit of turning his head and chewing on the side of his connecta! yuck. Thanks so much for the promo code! xx #fortheloveofblog


  5. That looks super fashionable to wear too! Well over the teething stage too – now on to adult teeth coming through – but still looks awesome! Sim x #TriedTested


  6. aw this is such a great idea! never heard of this type of jewellery aimed for babies.. my baby boy is 8 months old and is going through that stage at the moment.. :S I will have to check it out! 🙂
    Btw, the link at the end to Holly’s etsy’s website gives an error…just so you know..cause I wanted to have a look actually! xx


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