Toffee Apple Trail Mix

Who doesn’t love toffee apples? I know they just shout Autumn to me – Goose fair, Halloween, bonfire night. All the fun stuff. I wanted to create a healthy snack that would make me think of toffee apples…but without the mess. And the guilt. I made this and I’m addicted. It tastes like Autumn. Did I mention it is also gluten-free and refined-sugar free? Hurrah. We are going to a Halloween party in a week or so. I’m taking this as my contribution!

Halloween trail mix.png

This idea came about after nicking some of the little guy’s Happy Halo Bites as a snack. They are so apple-ly in flavour it just made me think ‘toffee apples’ straight away. So, a couple of hours later. This was born. It is YUMMY. And my house smells AMAZING! You could, of course, use a different 0 shaped snack…but these apple ones are ace! I also used a Heavenly Pumpkin and Banana wafer wisp…because…well it was pumpkin and it is nearly Halloween, after all!

For the trail mix, you will need:

  • 1/2 apple
  • 1tsp cinnamon
  • 4 dates
  • 4 dried apricots
  • A handful of Happy Halos (or other low sugar cereal)
  • 1 Heavenly Tasty pumpkin and banana wafer wisp
  • 1 tablespoon of seeds (I used pumpkin but up to you!)
  • 4 chopped pecans (optional depending on the age of your child – I cut these length ways. You know if you are comfortable serving nuts to your little. It is just as yummy without the nuts)

Okay, so this is where the hard work starts…

Not really. It is so easy.

  • You slice the apple thinly, spread on baking paper, sprinkle with cinnamon and bake at 90c fan for about an hour.
  • Chop your nuts and dried fruit.
  • Break up the wafer
  • Add to the other stuff and mix. Yup that’s it…

This is a perfect party snack, afternoon treat, or you could divide into little bags and give to trick or treaters (I’d probably play safe and go ‘no nuts’ for that, though). The apples and cinnamon make it warming and Autumal and the chopped dates give it lovely, caramel chewiness. You’ll be seeing this snack over on my Instagram quite a lot I imagine. Unless I eat it all.



Faye xxx

(Heavenly Halos and wafer wisps are made using gluten-free ingredients – however the back of the pack stipulates that it is made in a factory that handles Gluten. Please take this into account if you have any sensitivity)

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