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Okay…it will always be something that divides opinion. Giving your kid a tablet to play with. Some parents do, some don’t. Either way is fine by me. Personally, I think in the right context and at the right times there is a place for using interactive games with my child. This context could be on a long journey, or after dinner in a restaurant…or when you are bloody shattered or they have been a pain all day and you’ve run out of tricks…Anyway, when Kidloland asked me to review their app, I thought, why not?

If I’ve got a blog to write or I’m cooking that will often be the time I put the telly on for Dexter. Instead, to change it up I’ve given him the tablet to use. Our tablet is connected to our internet at home, but has no data. I usually put it in airplane mode when he is using it.

Before letting Dexter have a go, I had a look at the things the app has to offer and there was loads! Tons of games and activities and songs. I’m still finding new stuff on there after two weeks.

Dexter really enjoys it – he spotted the new icon straight away and was able to navigate it himself (there are clever things in the app that mean he can only access the content you want him to – he couldn’t buy anything without me knowing, for instance).

What I…we…liked

Dexter really liked the games and activities – there are lots of games where you have to match colours or shapes or re-arrange or sort. From an educational point of view these kinds of activities are great for toddlers. In a perfect world I’d bring baskets and sorting items wherever I go…but, that’s not real life is it? Dexter also liked the ‘vehicles’ section where he could listen to songs and enjoyed pointing out the trains and showing me the different things he spotted.


In this photo he is playing with a puzzle where you have to put the pieces of fruit together and then feed it to a monster…it kept him happy and engaged while we waited for our Nandos (which was delicious by the way…the new grains with avo and buttermilk dressing…yum!).

Anything we weren’t keen on?

With my teacher hat on, I wasn’t keen on the fact that the phonics resources used capital letters instead of the lower case letters. Children are taught lower case first at school during phonics, so this might not be as supportive to that learning as it could have been. I fed this back to Kidloland and they were really keen to hear all I had to say, which was great.

Overall, if you are a parent who chooses to use a tablet with your children, I would say this is a great choice. There is a free trial for the app, after this there is a subscription to pay. I never thought I’d pay for an app as there are free ones available, but I would consider contiuing the subscription for this as it had so much on there.

You can get the app here…

Do you let your kids have screen time? How do you manage it and what do they enjoy? I kind of feel as long as there is a balance between the outdoors and in, the screen and the real it’s okay. I’d love to know your thoughts.

Faye xx

(I was given a subscription of this app for the purpose of this review. All opinions are, as always, my own).

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5 thoughts on “Kidloland – using the tablet with a toddler

  1. I think Evie is a little old for this app, and it doesn’t look like this is something available for her Leappad. It does look good though and I think it’s important for children to be taught how to use these gadgets, iPads and things because they’re going to be such a big thing when they go on to work themselves. #MarvMondays


  2. I’m getting my daughter a tablet for her third birthday and my 4 year old son already has one. I think everything in moderation personally and this app sounds like a good one.

    (Unhinged mummy stopping by from #marvmondays).


  3. We used tablets in my nursery class and the one thing that would wind me up was the use of capital letters. Do they not consult teachers when they design these things?


  4. We currently don’t let Alfie have much screen time – at 17 months I feel he is still too young. We do always have the TV on in the background, but he rarely actually sits and watches it. He definitely is interested by ours phones, and finds it fascinating to watch videos of himself but it doesn’t hold his attention for long, he’s too much of a fidget bum. I can definitely see the benefits of having an app like this, and would consider it when Alfie is older and shows more interest #MarvMondays


  5. I’m not a huge fan of technology for children but I definitely don’t mind at certain times like on a journey and for monitored time after a meal of something. Great review πŸ™‚ #MarvMondays


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