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You guys asked, so here it is! My Xmas gift guide, including Christmas present ideas for…little foodies, curly locks, Mum & Dad gift ideas, cool toddler stocking fillers and anyone else who is lovely and awesome. So…lets get cracking!

Little Foodies!

For the little foodies in your life. There are tons of cool gifts out there…it is really hard to just choose a few. I’ve chosen to share a couple of items from EatwellUK because I’ve bought things from there and can honestly recommend them. I’ve also chosen these items in particular because they are really useful as well as being super stylish and a bit special. I’ve bought my niece this Papaya Orange Yumbox for Xmas this year for a few reasons: they are pretty and appealing, I know it will get lots of use and I also know she will get lots of lovely toys from other people.


A Yumbox will set you back around £25 – but this is a similar cost to many kids toys. As a gift that will last all the way through to School age, I think it works quite well!

Second…the Bobo and Boo Bamboo tableware collection. We love our set in grey, but it comes in loads of different colours so you can choose your favourite. As I have said before, I love that they are quite ‘grown up’, a really lovely middle ground between ceramic and plastics and they are bio-degradable! How cool is that?

The five piece dinner set is £20 and comes in a lovely stylish box (easy to wrap…bonus).

Curly locks


You guys all know my little guy has the major curls and that I’m a bit precious about them…so if you know anyone with curly hair and you wanted a lovely Xmas treat for them, Curly Ellie would be the place to go…I’ve been lusting after their gorgeous products for ages – everything they make is paraben and sulphate free, silicone free and has no artificial fragrances…so really natural and luxurious! It is made with awesome ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera so this would be a fabulous treat for anyone with curly locks (grown ups included).


It is at the luxury end of the price scale…£25 for an Xmas set…but, hey, it is Xmas right? (I’ve been saying this a lot so let’s hope my husband isn’t reading this). BUT good news! If you are one of the first 10 customers to hop over to Curly Ellie from here, you can get yourself an extra £5 off the bestselling Christmas aftercare collection using the code BABYLED5. Your welcome!


This was originally going to be a post about gifts for kids…but I decided there were some great ideas for the grown ups that were not to be missed. This one was one of them. Tam Rodwell has written a book called Becoming Daddy. It is all about, well, becoming a Dad. The female voice is so strong when it comes to parenting (who run the world…) but this book gives a light-hearted but honest appraisal of what it is like for blokes too.


This is available to buy on Amazon  hardback (£11.99), Kindle (£9.99) or via Tam’s website www.becomingdaddy.netI like this as a gift – something a bit different!


It is really hard not to just make a list of things I want for Christmas here…so I’ve kind of approached this as ‘what would I buy my friend if she was a new Mama?’

My first idea would be a Mama bracelet from Woody and Florence (actually they do a Dada one too – Dex got Daddy one for Father’s day and he has never taken it off). They are really cute and really very reasonably priced. The Mama and Dada set is £6.50 from Chloe’s ETSY shop.


Second I just had to show you this very beautiful print from Letterbox Lane. It is just awesome. This is £15 from Not On The High Street and I love it – this should be the only things on our to-do lists some days… Imagine the smiles this would bring on Xmas day!



So, if you wanted a cool winter jumper for your little one…look no further than Ted Wears Organic. I had this custom made for Dexter and don’t regret even one penny of the money. He wears it ALL THE TIME and it washes beautifully. Plus, you can choose exactly what you want print and trim wise, making it such a cool and unique gift. Jumpers start at £16.


Stocking Fillers

So here are just few little bits I’ve found that would make gorgeous stocking fillers for a little person.

First – a fabulous alternative to the chocolate selection box from Organix food. I think these are just gorgeous and such a good idea for a baby or toddler. So cute! RRP is £2.99 and they are available at Boots stores and Ocado. I’ll be getting my mitts of one of these for Dexter’s stocking!


Next, a couple of things I spotted in the Eats Amazing shop. Grace stocks the very cool ‘Fred’ kid food products. They make perfect little stocking fillers. I bought the plane fork (Air Fork One) a while back (hurry up, it’s on sale for £1.50!!) and I saw these very cute trainer chopsticks for a fiver! These would be a really cool stocking gift for an older child.

Finally, for a really little mini one, I thought these really cute Elephant teethers would make a perfect first Xmas gift. They are from For Mama and Baba (I reviewed their teething necklaces and loved them). £3.95 for a little bit of baby cuteness…why not?


So, there you have it. I’ve done lots of the searching to find some stuff that you might not have thought of.


We all know Christmas is about the people we love, not the presents we give. But still, isn’t it lovely to treat our favourite ones if we can? I know I love it! Let me know what you think. Don’t forget, I’ll have an edible gift post coming soon and a few yummy Xmassy recipes for the whole family. Love this time of year!

Festive loves

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  1. Those bracelets are really sweet, they would make a nice gift for new parents too I think. It’s great to see Organix doing a selection pack for little ones. #TriedTested


  2. What gorgeous picks! I especially love the grown up tableware – I’d love to invest in these for our kids as I’m sick of the garish bright plastics!
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