19 Awesome, Easy and Healthy Christmas Recipes

It is Christmas! Officially. We’ve had our festive tag-a-long and I’ve got all the healthy Christmas ideas I could wish for. These recipes, once again span the globe and cover sweet and savory, there are dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan options and there is just a ton of lovely, gorgeous Christmassy cuteness. Rachel from @whole.family.food does the most wonderful job of orchestrating this logistically. She is a star! I’ll link all the @ to the accounts you’ll need to find all the yummy recipes so all you will need to do is click.

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Kidloland – using the tablet with a toddler


Okay…it will always be something that divides opinion. Giving your kid a tablet to play with. Some parents do, some don’t. Either way is fine by me. Personally, I think in the right context and at the right times there is a place for using interactive games with my child. This context could be on a long journey, or after dinner in a restaurant…or when you are bloody shattered or they have been a pain all day and you’ve run out of tricks…Anyway, when Kidloland asked me to review their app, I thought, why not? Continue reading

Help! My kid won’t eat veg – A guest post from Sneaky Veg Blog

I’m so excited to share this post with you from Mandy over at sneakyveg.com. Her blog is one of my favourite places to visit when I’m stuck for ideas. Mandy knows all the trick of the trade when encouraging a reluctant child to eat veg. So, if your have your own vegetable refuser, have a read of these top tips! Continue reading

Organic September – making family life a little bit greener…

Organic? Eco-friendly? But why?

I thought to talk about Organic food, clothes and lifestyle I should probably look and sound a bit more like an Earth Mother and be campaigning to save the world in some way…and I should probably know a lot more than I do. I am a very normal human, living on a very normal budget. But, like lots of other normal people, I have a little bit of a nagging feeling that I’d like to do a bit more for the environment. Just a bit. So I feel like I can confidently say that I am paving the way for my child to do more and know more than I have. So, here it is. My blog about how a very average family is doing stuff that helps the environment. Even if it is, just a little bit. Continue reading

Ready to wean?

If you are ready to start weaning, no doubt you are scouring the internet, Pinterest and IG just like I did, searching for exciting weaning-things to try. I’ve written this as a guide from my own experiences and with the benefit of hindsight to help you guys. Do I have all the answers? Nope. But, because I blog about this stuff, I have tried LOTS of different feeding products and I have found out lots of things along the way. Here is Babyled’s ready to wean lowdown. Continue reading