peanut butter and jelly puffed rice treats


pb & jelly rice krispie treats.png

I made these little treats in a matter of minutes. They contain no added sugar, are gluten free, dairy-free and vegan. They are made from puffed brown rice, nut butter and berries. Four ingredients, a fridge and an hour and you have these little beauties. These bite-sized  heart treats are perfect for lunchboxes or as a yummy toddler snack. I made these with a heart shaped ice cube tray to make them extra cute – but they would work equally well in a tin or ramekin and cut into squares – just make sure you line it first.

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BLW Buckwheat and quinoa lunch cups – with 9 more inspiring recipe ideas



Buckwheat seems to be all over the place right now. I bought some last week on a whim and, it seems, lots of other people did too! I posted a picture of it on my Instagram and it sparked a whole load of comments about buckwheat; puffed, in salads, as a snack, growing buckwheat, grinding it and making buckwheat pancakes. I decided to road test it in something I’ve made before and I’m pleased that mixing the buckwheat with the quinoa in these vegetable cups was a real success. We are going through a fussy eating stage – especially with vegetables. This is a great way of getting some goodness in to those fussy toddlers but also a fantastic baby-led-weaning meal AND they are gluten-free. The buckwheat helps the cups stay solid so they aren’t too crumbly as a finger food. This recipe makes 12-15.

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Christmas dinner pie! (gluten-free)

This is an easy peasy, gluten free pie which has a chickpea flour crust. This idea struck me after struggling to use a shop-bought GF flour to make biscuits. I thought about what was in my cupboard and this sprung to mind…was worth a try right? I was surprised what a lovely, crisp pastry it produced; I was half expecting it to be a bit ‘falafel’ like. But it was more like a really light, crisp water crust type pastry. Yum! So, here is my recipe for Christmas dinner pies – perfect for leftovers on boxing day and it’s something the whole family can share and enjoy!

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19 Awesome, Easy and Healthy Christmas Recipes

It is Christmas! Officially. We’ve had our festive tag-a-long and I’ve got all the healthy Christmas ideas I could wish for. These recipes, once again span the globe and cover sweet and savory, there are dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan options and there is just a ton of lovely, gorgeous Christmassy cuteness. Rachel from does the most wonderful job of orchestrating this logistically. She is a star! I’ll link all the @ to the accounts you’ll need to find all the yummy recipes so all you will need to do is click.

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Halloween food for toddlers

Okay, so not JUST for toddlers. But so much of the cool Halloween food in the shops is aimed at older kids and almost all of it is full of sugar, I thought I’d write a post to show that the littler members of the family don’t have to miss out. My sis-in-law is having a Halloween party for a big group of toddlers and their Mama’s so I’ve been playing around with some fun food ideas to take with us.

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Roasted butter bean bake

1 pot bbb

This butter bean bake is a quick and easy one pot recipe that I love to use for leftovers the next day! This also gets frozen in batches for when we need to pull a lunch out of the bag quickly. Butter beans are a great vegetarian ingredient because they are filling and hearty but not too heavy. I eat lots of very ‘carby’ veggie meals and so often I’m podged after! I’ve also put some leftover ideas at the bottom of this recipe because, well, who doesn’t love leftovers? Continue reading

Cauliflower cheese grills


I love cauliflower. It kind of absorbs the flavour of anything around it and goes with anything. On busy days, when I’ve had no time or energy to think about dinner, Dex loves these cauliflower cheese grills from the freezer section at Tesco. There is a special place reserved for them in my freezer (is it too dramatic to say and my heart?) And there will be for the foreseeable future I imagine.

But because he loves them so much and because this was a day where I had a bit of time and energy, I thought I’d recreate a more veggie dense, homemade version.

These babies took around 20 minutes to make and this recipe makes around 12 little grills.

You will need:

3/4 cup of grated potato (I used 1/2 and 1/2 sweet potato and regular but whatever floats your boat).

1/4 cup grated cheese

1/2 cup finely chopped or grated cauliflower

2 eggs


Basically combine everything in a bowl and divide equally between a well greased muffin tray. Add a bit more cheese if you like.

Bake at 170°c fan for around 20 minutes or until golden and crispy.

These store in an airtight container for a few days, alternatively you could freeze for another day.

There you have it. Quick and easy and a bit healthier than the shop bought version. Winner.


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