For Mama and Baba – teething necklace review and discount code!


teething j.png

It isn’t very often that I’m asked to review a product for me. In fact, this might be a first. Holly from For Mama and Baba sent me a rather gorgeous teething necklace for me to try out with my little chap.

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Ready to wean?

If you are ready to start weaning, no doubt you are scouring the internet, Pinterest and IG just like I did, searching for exciting weaning-things to try. I’ve written this as a guide from my own experiences and with the benefit of hindsight to help you guys. Do I have all the answers? Nope. But, because I blog about this stuff, I have tried LOTS of different feeding products and I have found out lots of things along the way. Here is Babyled’s ready to wean lowdown. Continue reading

The Milk Lounge



The Milk Lounge is a family friendly cafe in Arnold, Nottingham. Although not super close to me, I knew I’d be making a trip over there to meet Charlotte, director, and see what it was all about. I’ve heard loads about The Milk Lounge through friends, bloggers and social media so I needed to see whether the hype was true – is there a family friendly place you can have a cuppa and not worry about your toddler being unruly or even worse…bored?! Continue reading

3 Sprouts Lunch Bag – review for KIDLY

So, until this week, I didn’t think it was possible to form an attachment to a lunchbox. Like in a ‘I love my handbag’ kind of way. But LOOK at it!! This is so cool.


But! Style over substance doesn’t work in my house. So I was desperate for this to live up to my expectations. We’ve been trying to get out of a lunch rut (link to that post just here) so this was the perfect way to change the venue and try out somewhere new! Continue reading